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Decorative Candle Holders

Decorative candle holders are becoming increasingly popular because of the rise of the use of candles in aromatherapy and as supplementary lighting. There are also some beautiful stone decorative candle holders for warming massage oil. Decorative candle holders come in many shapes and sizes are there are also genuinely valuable antique decorative candle holders like the candelabrum, which was used for general lighting for thousands of years, although in the early days it held oil not candles.

Decorative Candle Holders

There are also decorative candle holders in the form of wall sconces and table lights. The menorah and the kinara are specialized decorative candle holders.

Decorative candle holders have seen a rise in popularity along with the upswing in the sales of candles. Candles are used in religious rites, at parties, for relaxation, for killing insects or clearing smoke and for atmosphere.

That could mean a lot of spilled candle wax and a huge fire hazard, if it were not for humble decorative candle holders. Candle holders are meant to catch the dripping wax in order to save your furniture and to hold the candle securely so that it is less of a fire hazard.

There have always been decorative candle holders, but there are even more of them now than ever before, because before a candle holders were an everyday items whereas as now they are used on special occasions - very few people around the world rely on candle light as their main source of light these days.

Decorative candle holders evolved from oil lamps, which were little more than oyster shells with a puddle of oil and a floating wick. Later came more decorative oil lamps and when the candle was invented, the oil lamps were converted into decorative candle holders. The specialized Jewish menorah is one such item. It is a candelabrum that has been in use since the days of Moses.

Candelabra were the first decorative candle holders and were used to provide ambient lighting for inside the house. Wall sconces were also used as decorative candle holders if the walls were not flammable. Single candles in candlesticks were used for reading, working or dining by.

In fact, these decorative candle holders are still in use in restaurants all over the world even today and lovers everywhere attest to the romantic atmosphere they help to create. Now that most walls are made of brick or block, wall sconces are making a come-back as decorative candle holders in some parts of the world.

The ultimate decorative candle holders, however, have to be chandeliers, but imagine having to light a thirty or forty candles every night and put them out again! That was why they had servants. Anyway, I should imagine that most of those decorative candle holders have been converted to electricity and light bulbs by now.

These days decorative candle holders are mostly used by ordinary people in ordinary homes for relaxation. Aromatic candles are used a lot in aromatherapy as they are easier and cleaner than oil, but the main use for decorative candle holders these days is to dine by and add some romance to a meal for two.

by Owen Jones



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