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Wrought Iron Floor Lamps

Wrought iron floor lamps can add style, elegance and nostalgia to any room they are placed in. However, being wrought iron they can just as easily be placed in the garden on a warm evening or on the deck. There are many types of wrought iron floor lamps so you will be able to find a wrought iron floor lamp for every room.

Wrought Iron Floor Lamps

Whatever type of decor you have, there are dozens of wrought iron floor lamps in various styles to suit. Wrought iron floor lamps can be nostalgic, romantic and practical all at the same time. They are also heavy enough to be stable so that they can not be knocked down by an accidental bump.

One of the most popular styles of wrought iron floor lamps is the Spanish design, includes much of the Mediterranean and Latin American styles including the one popular in the southern states of America called South-Western.

In their original form wrought iron floor lamps would have held candles and often looked more like candelabra, but nowadays we use electric light bulbs for convenience, although some of the modern flickering lights imitate a candle flame quite realistically.

The traditional Spanish style of wrought iron floor lamps would be black wrought iron with a white, yellow or cream lamp shade with tassel's. They look very 'period', but are functional as reading lamps too.

Why not save money on energy? We are being encouraged to do it all the time. Instead of leaving the full lighting on when you are engaged in crafts or reading of an evening, why not sit near a wrought iron floor lamp and benefit from the proximity of a shaded 40 watt bulb? It is plenty to work or read by.

Another style of wrought iron floor lamps that is popular in hallways, on decks and in gardens is the imitation street lamp. The Victorians and Edwardians put real elegance and style into the design of their cast-iron gas street lamps in both London and the larger American cities.

Nowadays you can buy replica street gas lamps in the form of wrought iron floor lamps. They really look lovely in the garden or on the deck, casting a friendly light on the path, showing the way for visitors.

If you prefer later styles of wrought iron floor lamps, then there are plenty of those too. There are the flamboyant designs of the roaring twenties and the swinging sixties with their sometimes bizarre shapes and mixtures of colours in the lampshade.

Naturally, there are completely contemporary styles as well. Modernistic and futuristic designs abound. In fact, as I wrote earlier, there are plenty of wrought iron floor lamps to suit every and any sort of design that you have and they are practical and they can save on your energy bill.

by Owen Jones



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