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Landscaping For A Pool

Many people like the notion of having a pool in their backyard. If you do too, you must understand that it takes either a lot of work or a lot of money to set up. Then there is the continuous maintenance of the pool and its water. If you are worried that you will lose all of your garden, there is no need, because you can design your pool so that there is a fair bit of vegetation built into it. In deed, there are many designs you can use when landscaping for a pool.

When landscaping for a pool, you ought to have a design to work to. You can either have a tailor-made plan drawn up for your backyard, you could make your own plan or you could use one out of a periodical. There is no reason why you can not create your own blueprint. The best way to begin would be to get some suggestions from landscaping publications or other household periodicals.

The best way of going about landscaping for a pool is to draw the exact size and shape of your backyard on a piece of graph paper to scale. Mark in any immovable objects such as downpipes, a shed or septic tank. If that limits the size of your pool too much, you can have these items moved if necessary. Nothing is impossible, but it does add to the cost. Once you have sufficient space, you are all set to start designing.

Copy and adapt drawings from periodicals by all means, but if you feel that you are not up to it, have the design made for you. A neighborhood architect can do it, or ring up the local technical college and ask one of the lecturers or students to do it for you. It is not as expensive as you might think. If you have the plan done for you, make certain that you have thought about what you want and make certain that the drawer knows about it.Landscaping For A Pool

If you prefer lots of flowers, it is best to have raised flower beds. This will prevent your flowers from spreading too far and will give you greater control. The plants will have to be quite hardy and resistant to chemicals such as chlorine. The atmosphere will be more humid around the pool too.

You will need some sheltered area for when it is really hot. Trees are a good idea, but they can take a very long time to grow. Palms look great by a pool, but some species can take ten years to grow high enough. You could explore the possibilities of planting semi-mature trees or look for faster-growing varieties. In the meanwhile, you could set up a grass-roofed lean-to or some umbrellas.

Lighting is also an important consideration. The pool should be floodlit at night to preclude people falling into it at night; but not only for that reason, it looks good as well. Accent lighting on the plants and trees really brings atmosphere to the pool and these lights can be solar powered so that you can move them around when you choose to.

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