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Southwestern Home Decor

by Marion Jones

So what exactly is southwestern home decor and how can you introduce it into your own home? Well, to begin with southwestern home decor reflects the southwest and all its most famous traits. Southwestern home decor involves colourful throw rugs, gorgeous wall hangings, log furniture, Mexican pottery, candles and holders and even some kitchen accessories too.

If you're considering introducing southwestern home decor into your residence, first of all, you have to determine whether it will fit in with your existing decor or whether it will clash horribly. Almost all southwestern home decor involves bright, eye-catching colours and stunning designs and motifs. So, if your existing furniture would clash with any of these beautiful pieces, you can do one of two things.

Firstly, you could always just throw out every single piece of unwanted furniture that you have and replace them with gorgeous pieces of Mexican pigskin leather furniture. Or you could just buy one or two pieces of the southwestern home decor range and match them carefully with your existing knick-knacks.

Personally speaking, I would rather replace everything I have since my existing furniture is a bit worn, but in the real world that's just not possible. For one thing it would just be too expensive, and for another I would rather not have to listen to a lecture from my mother about extravagance. I've discovered that you can get away from your friends but not from your mother!

Besides, I'm also more than a little relieved that I didn't give into my initial impulse and redecorate completely in a southwestern home decor style. Sure, it does look really nice, but sometimes I also like the peace and quiet that some of my other pieces of furniture bring about in me.

Therefore, I have now come up with the perfect solution and have instead resorted to purchasing one-off hand painted pieces, Spanish colonial and Tuscan rugs & mats, wall art and a couple of authentic used western horseshoes and dotting my home with those instead.

And I have to say that it has made quite a difference to the look and feel of my whole home. Expensive pieces of the more traditional Mexican furniture now sit quite comfortably next to the more flamboyant and stunning contemporary designs of my southwestern home decor.

I've even bought a great rug for my bathroom floor and a beautiful set of hand towels. My kitchen sports a new set of southwestern motifs, and my foyer has the most amazing lamp shade and statuette in full view. I also use candles and rustic wall sconces to provide subtle lighting all around the house.

Although all of this sounds over the top, I've found that this is the easiest way to bring the glories of southwestern home decor into my life, without going the whole hog and replacing the entire house's furniture with southwestern decor and motifs.

Moreover, you only want to bring a little southwestern decor to your home, don't you? Not the whole shebang! Oh, and did I forget to mention the beautiful, hand painted, decorative vase I bought to put on my sofa table the other day? It is just right.



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