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Using Contemporary Fine Art In Your Hotel Decor

Businesses of all types have come to realize that contemporary fine art makes great, yet affordable decor and the lighting required to illuminate them is useful for lighting corridors too. Hospitals, hotels, airports, restaurants and bars are jumping on the band wagon as well.

There are all kinds of paintings and objets d'art, so many in fact that you will always be able to find something to fit in with whichever style of decor that you have. You can use contemporary fine art to give bare walls an interest and to keep people interested while they are waiting for something to transpire.

For instance, contemporary fine art displayed in a restaurant will prevent diners from becoming bored while they are waiting for their order. Contemporary fine art in a bar will give lone travellers something to do while they are passing an hour or two in your business. Similarly for hospital patients, looking at contemporary fine art might help alleviate anxiety and tension.

Hotels and Guest Houses.

When people arrive to check in, you want to offer a warm, yet stylish appearance to them. Many hotel guests travel alone andcontemporary fine art spend time sitting in the lobby to pass their evenings or weekends. An interesting display of contemporary fine art will keep them interested for hours.

Put your paintings or and objets d'art at regular intervals around the walls, but do not crowd a wall. You should pick a warm, yet neutral colour for the wall's emulsion. Lighting is also very important. Up lighting, down lighting or back lighting are common methods of illuminating pieces of art work, but you can also use spotlights to highlight something special.

The lobby can also contain a few plants and a coffee table or two with an interesting wrought iron lamp on each. A matching lamp shade helps to create a warm, co-ordinated effect.

You should also place some contemporary fine art in the guest rooms, because, once again, many travellers are alone and have to spend hours sitting in their rooms alone. If you are stuck for a theme, consider your location. Is it near the sea or is the town famous for anything? Does it have a well-known historical connection? Once you have your theme, you will surely find pieces of contemporary fine art to decorate it with.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the average person who comes to stay or eat at your establishment. Is he there for business or pleasure? If it's pleasure do families come or is it mostly singles? Whatever the type of hotel, guest house, restaurant or pub, you will find a theme and the rest will follow because there is so much choice of contemporary fine art.

Consistency is a good thing when you are decorating a hotel or guest house. Try to keep everything 'on topic'. The colours, the furnishings, the plants, the contemporary fine art - the lighting should be subtle and the whole decor must be in the same theme, if it is to be wildly successful.



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