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Wedding Decorating Ideas

by Marion Jones

Yes! Yes, yes, and yes a thousand times more. That was the answer you gave two weeks ago when your boyfriend took you out to dinner and asked you to marry him. There was no hesitation in your mind then and there really isn't any now either. The only thing that you're worried about though is the actual details of the wedding.

Your boyfriend, now your fiance is all laid back and casual and said that anything you want is OK with him. He was sure that you would do a great job, just tell him if you wanted anything. That's all well and good, and normally you would have relished the chance, in fact you did jump at the chance. But now you're getting confused about what to do for your wedding decorating ideas. The motifs are all blending as one into your brain and you still don't know where to have the reception.

Of course, you could have the reception in an up-market hotel with the works, everything catered for and all the niggily little details taken care of, but that seemed so impersonal, and you really want your wedding to be one that you, and everyone else, will remember for the rest of your life. So what should you do now? Well, first and foremost, just take a deep breath and relax. Working yourself up into a frenzy won't do you any good.

Next call your bridesmaids and all willing and able people whom you trust together and have a council of war. This is where you will decide details and get fresh perspective and ideas into your planning, and where most of all, you can have some fun with your wedding decorating ideas. You'd be simply amazed at how many bright ideas a group of people can get if they're working on something like wedding decorating ideas with wedding cards being the least of it.

So you start off with an idea, maybe to have the all the cards handmade so that they become extra special to you as time goes by. Someone else has the great idea of getting a bunch of those little disposable cameras so that interested people would be able to take photographs, and you'd end up with a great many more candid pictures than you otherwise would have.

Yet another person comes up with a great overall design theme. Your wedding decorating ideas are now coming fast and furious as one person after another pipes up, giving you all the advice you need to sort out your wedding plans.

Your mother however, comes up with the best wedding decorating ideas of all and such like being the least of all her concerns! Maybe you'd like to get married and then have your wedding decorating ideasreception at their place. They could put up a large tent to cater for all the guests, and the house could be done up to suit the occasion.

And you say, 'Yes', again because there's nothing you want more than to get married from home.



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