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Interior Decorating Ideas

by Marion Jones

The bleak winter is getting to you and you're pfaffing around trying to decide what to do with yourself. You're snowbound and the only thing that you can think of doing is sitting in front of your fire, drinking hot chocolate and staring broodingly out of the window. The only problem with that is that you have already been doing just that for a while now and you've had enough of fires, hot chocolate and pfaffing.

You gaze about you and remember that you once thought you had the most stylish home decor in the neighbourhood. However, it's starting to look decidedly tatty now and the once stylish home decor does not look so stylish any more.

Now you're just about ready to do something different, so, you turn to the only comfort you have and switch on the TV. You're instantly enthralled as you come across one of those many shows about stylish home decor - how you can transform your home with a little redecoration here and there. You find yourself inundated with decorating ideas, both interior decorative and exterior decorative ideas.

So, you finally find yourself captivated by a program that you would have dismissed earlier and jump out of your seat to fetch a pen and notebook to write down all those great stylish home decor ideas. In no time at all, you've run out of pages in your notebook and have to leave your warm armchair to go fetch another one.

Before you get back to your chair, you've made a tour around the house and have seen many of the things that you've spent years trying not to see- the cracks in the bedroom wall, the growing patch of mildew in the bathroom, the paint chipping off the walls in the kitchen.

The list is very long and could easily fill several notepads. Therefore, you sit down, and along side your notes on various interior design ideas on stylish home decor and general redecorating, you studiously write down all the little things that need repairing, replacing or refitting indoors and outdoors.

The list fills even your second notebook but you decide to finish there, because it's giving you writers' cramp, and besides you already have all the relevant facts to hand, so now you have to set about sorting them into sections so that you can easily carry out your stylish home decor ideas.

Not an easy job that, when your stylish home decor decorating ideas, interior designs and room-by-room list of snags is all jumbled up in one horrible pile. You then turn to the tried and tested, ancient method of sitting on the floor and surrounding yourself with your notes in an attempt at finding some logical order you can follow later.

When you eventually reach that sublime state of order, you sit back with a tired but satisfied countenance. The knowledge that you'll now have enough stylish home decor ideas and interior design plans and less time on your hands during those long hard months of winter, sends a gush of contentment flowing through you. There's nothing like a job well done and the knowledge that come next spring, the stylish home decor of your abode is going to look nothing like its current shabby self.

Grouping your notes into logical collections is the basic strategy for planning room design ideas. All the dining room ideas in one pile, all the living room designs in another. Then, all the interior painting ideas in one pile and the exterior painting ideas in another. Once you have all the room design ideas and room design styles together, resort them into kids' rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc.

All the time refining and streamlining your design ideas. Other considerations are what are you going to renew and what are you going to refurbish. For example: are you going to repaint your cabinets or renew them? Do you want a beautiful modern, contemporary style or a more traditional one using darker colours and wooden furniture? And don't forget about lamps, pictures, rugs and handmade items.



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