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Stylish Home Decor in Black and White

by Marion Jones

When people start thinking about stylish home decorating ideas for a contemporary living room and making changes to their home, whether it be one or two rooms or even the entire house, the first thing that usually comes to mind is 'what colour'. Black and white are not usually the first ones that come to mind with regard to style in decorating!.

Generally, people choose colours that they are fond of or those colours which match pieces of their existing furniture. When searching for stylish living room decorating ideas, one idea which is perhaps too often overlooked is decorating with the two basic colours (or shades, to be accurate) - black and white.

Black and white, when used in decorating show a stylish flair and creates drama. Top interior designers and decorators say that every room in the house could benefit by adding a touch of black. Black is a colour which anchors and stabilizes a room. Bringing stylish sophistication, black is definitely a colour that demands attention.

Living room decorating ideas for stylish home decor using black can include accessories such as light fixtures, trim or furniture. Black serves to add definition to the focal points in a room. Black is just one of the colours that makes a statement, but it is definitely one of the most stylish and eye-catching!

Decorating with the shades of black and white in your living room decor ideas, provides a clean, fresh, stylish, elegant environment. This combination can be added to any room in any stylish home decor scheme, making it a sophisticated area. Black and white are often used in contemporary interior design and often used to highlight other colours in the French Country style.

It may be hard to visualize, but there are many ideas for stylish home decor using combinations of only these two basic shades. The flooring is a great place to start when you're having living room decorating ideas. Black and white vinyl tiles laid alternately make a beautiful chessboard pattern and give a clean and elegant appearance.

Black marble used on the floor, accented by wide white baseboards is another beautiful idea for stylish home decor. Laying white ceramic tiles with a black border or simply painting the floor black or white and using pattern stencils of the opposite colour for decoration is also really stunning.

These all are fantastic ideas for re-vamping a home. Can you imagine anything more perfect than white walls? Painting the walls white or even an off-white would make an ideal background for decorations such as paintings framed in black.

What magnificent living room decorating ideas! Elegant black window surrounds or black shutters against a clean, crisp white wall would certainly create an air of sophistication in stylish home decor.

Perhaps a glass-topped table with a black iron rim design and black chairs? These are great ideas for decorating a room using only black and white. A bedroom decorated using black and white would be lovely stylish home decor too.

A black or white iron bed-frame, covered with a striped black and white duvet or eiderdown. For the pillow cases, you could use either all black or all white and could add throw cushions in the opposite colour.

A chunky black or white leather armchair or sofa in the corner with opposite colour cushions would definitely accent the living room decorating ideas. Then you could have the white walls with a sophisticated piece of artwork, framed in black, hanging on it.

That would surely add to the contemporary feel of your living room decorating ideas. Black furniture against the stark white walls would definitely look really neat and tidy and you could spruce it all up with accessories like pewter or silver candlesticks, jugs or vases.

However, if you think that these living room decorating ideas need a little more colour to finish off the look, perhaps a throw or a cushion in a bright colour such as red or gold on the chair in the corner of the room would be enough to highlight the room. There are innumerable ways to decorate a home in style, however, discovering the one that suits you and those who live with you is really very important.

It's nice to do something extreme and unusual, but please remember that you must be able to live with the stylish decor that you have created for quite a while, but don't let that hold you back too much when you are trying to introduce stylish home decor into your living room or any other room.



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