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How To Make A Peaceful Sanctuary Of Your Garden

For people who look after their garden, the garden offers a peaceful sanctuary. A sanctuary is a place to go for a bit of peace and quiet. Somewhere, where you can go to have a quite cup of coffee and read a magazine or the newspaper. However, it is not easy to bring about this ambiance of serenity in your would-be sanctuary. You have to work on the flowers and the weeds and you have to keep everything shipshape.

However, there are other things that you can do to create your sanctuary. Grass is soothing, but you have to trim it regularly and some individuals cannot find the time, so they concrete over it or make a patio or deck. These are viable solutions for small gardens, but a large expanse of concrete looks bleak.

Building a fish pond is preferable to concreting the whole garden over. A fish pond brings the calming sounds of moving water as the cleansed water returns from the filter to the pond. A fountain improves this sound and helps aerate the water which in turn will reinvigorate the fish. Many people say that watching contented fish in a clean pond is relaxing.

Garden curios are another way of creating fascinating focal points in your garden. Statues of maidens, monks and nymphs are popular. Some of them circulate water, others do not. An arbour is a great place to sit in your sanctuary when the sun's rays are strong. A small bench inside an arbour of roses or wisteria, looks and smells idyllic.

A simple and cost-effective method of providing garden ornaments is the use of stones and it is normally ignored by gardeners. They fit in well with any type of green garden, because stones and rocks are natural to make a peaceful sanctuary of your garden

Clearly, there are many types of stones and rocks and so they can be put to various different uses. Large riven slabs of stone can be used to lay a path or a patio. Smaller slabs can be used to make a stepping stone path to, say, the shed or the washing line.

A boulder could be used in stead of a statue. They look great sticking out from behind bushes or at the end of a tunnel of over-hanging trees or bushes. Smaller stones can be used to delineate the borders of your flower beds and rocks can be used to create a specific environment for plants that require harsh, rocky conditions. In effect, a rock garden.

Japanese gardens make a great deal of use of stones. Stones look good in running water if the gardener has or can create a small stream. Stones also come in different colours naturally. Painting stones is nearly always a big mistake. A large lump of coal looks good, but make sure that it has been thoroughly washed before children get near it. Rocks with fossils in them are especially attractive as features in a peaceful sanctuary.

Once you have all the calming features you require in your sanctuary garden, think about lighting for them. Accent lighting allows you to show off your garden literally in its best light and it extends the time that you can take pleasure from your sanctuary by a number of hours a day.

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