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Cooker Spare Parts

by Michael James

There are not really that many things that can go wrong with traditional gas and electric cookers, but there may be occasions when you will have to look for cooker spare parts. If your cooker is older, it may be a problem locating the cooker spare parts you require, but there are specialist shops on the Internet.

However, you may be lucky if you go to a salvage yard. They may have cooker spare parts such as doors, racks, burners and knobs that you can take off and fit to your own cooker.cooker spare parts

Previously, if you had an old, but cherished cooker and it went wrong, you were pretty much stuck with it, because not many manufacturers make cooker spare parts for items older than about five years.

You might have been lucky enough to find some somewhere at the back of a shelf in a spare parts depot. But the best place to look was the junk or scrap yard, now more politely called salvage or reclamation centres.

Scrap yards were and in deed still are a great place to look for spare parts for your old cooker. These scrap yards have different ways of working. Some scrap yards are more like reclamation centres in that they dismantle every item that comes into the yard and put all the removable parts on separate shelves, so that you may find a shelf called 'Hotpoint: cooker spare parts', for example.

This shelf might have the burner, knobs, handles, rings, hot plates, and shelves. Then they would crush and recycle the rest of the cooker. This is the easiest sort of place for you to find the cooker spare parts that you need.

The other type is more like a traditional scrap yard, where they keep all the items they get in, just as long as it takes to get them into the crusher. In these places, you may have to go looking for what you want and retrieve it yourself, so take whatever tools you need for the job with you. Take the part you want to replace too, to make sure that you get an exact match

When you phone around looking for cooker spare parts, you will be able to guess which type of business you are dealing with otherwise just ask whether you will have to remove the spares yourself.

If you are looking for cooker spare parts for a top of the range cooker, say an old Aga or a Rayburn solid fuel or even gas cooker, that is a completely different story. There are quite a few suppliers and tradesmen specializing in these and other traditional cookers and trading in cooker spare parts has become a lucrative industry.

You will be able to find these traders in cooker spare parts for expensive old and old style cookers by typing the search term 'Aga cooker spare parts' or Rayburn cooker spare parts' into your favourite search engine. I have seen adverts for such depots in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Otherwise, try one of the advertisers on this site.




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